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Mission and Vision

We make the next step

About Durmaz Teknoloji

We make the next step.

Durmaz Technology is proud of his high tech. researches and developments in x-ray imaging that serve the varied needs of the society. Our vision unleashes the power of his staffs and facilities. The commitment into making the next step makes the Company’s position among the leaders in the markets.

Our Mission

  • Exceeding customer’s demands by offering the best quality x-ray platforms.
  • Solidarity with customers to make sure that they satisfied.
  • Demanding for safer and more stable platforms.
  • Always be a pioneer in the market by making the next step.

Our Values

  • Innovation. New thinks are the engine of ours and keep us to go on the rail.
  • Delivering the Best Results. Exceed demands.
  • Diversity. Embrace the diverse perspectives of x-ray imaging.
  • Global Involvement. Seek a world view and act without boundaries.