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We make the next step


We make the next step

As a brilliant start-up company in Turkey, we have received some competitive national wide grants to embody our ideas in the context of medical imaging.

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology San-Tez

San-Tez Project: Dental Portable X-Ray System - 345.000TL

Teknogiri┼čim Project: Industrial X-Ray System - 100.000TL

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey TEYDEB

Project Support: Dental X-Ray Tube Design and Production - 300.000 TL

Bogazici University Bogazici University

Project Support: Dual Energy X-Ray System 35.000 TL


Project Support: Industrial Realtime X-Ray Non-Destructive Test (NDT) System 400.000 TL

Inovita Inovita

Project Support: Direct Rontgen system