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About Durmaz Teknoloji

Durmaz Teknoloji established in 2010 in biomedical institute of Bogazici university, Turkey. Durmaz Teknoloji is an Innovative High-Tech start-up which invested by the government grands and private ventures.

Durmaz technology is proud of his atmosphere which brought grate technical, business and administration experts together. Strive of these teams ended in break through patents and products.

The dental x-ray imaging platform we have designed is highly accurate and consistent with international quality criteria. The unified control and imaging platform which we have developed is applicable in the R&F systems, veterinary systems, industrial non-destructive equipment, security inspection and scientific research fields. As a part of our unified x-ray software package tomo-synthesis and multi-energy imaging tools were augmented. In consequence, our customers’ demands for making variety of analysis on images is responded. Starting as a start-up we have achieved great outcomes till the day. We aimed to be a pioneer with making the next step and bring the best quality for our customers.


Durmaz Teknoloji made its reputation primarily as a medical x-ray R&D startup. Continuous innovation and rapid implementation have been themes throughout the first day of the company’s history, which started from 2010. The timeline below shows the pathway and products that the company had passed in this period of time.